Trans*Scription Service: Volume I, Issue 1

"Trans*Scription Service" is a rundown of recent transgender related controversies within the feminist blogosphere, along with links and opinions by Kyosuke. It may be a regular thing. It may be a one time thing. It may be a "whenever in the name of Celestia Kyosuke damn well feels like it" thing. It may feature… »1/21/14 9:26am1/21/14 9:26am


Why I'm Actually The Ultimate Conformist...

...I'm just really, really bad at it. Sssh, don't tell certain segments of radical feminism: I'm actually not interested in destroying the paradigm. I'm not interested in smashing it into pieces to the point where it is impossible to reassemble any kind of social order. There are even *gasp* parts of the current… »10/16/13 12:11pm10/16/13 12:11pm

Chinese Education Is Pretty Damn Useless For Migrant Children

This is Mr. Tian, he is a sixth grade homeroom teacher in Guangzhou, China. He works for a privately-run, entirely for profit primary school which largely serves the children of Guangzhou's migrant population. Migrants are not considered part of the city population, and as such they are not entitled to free public… »9/04/13 9:22am9/04/13 9:22am

Daily Washington Writer Pens "An Open Letter To MRAs"

I was asked recently by a fellow Jezebel commenter about where I find some of the best feminist thought outside of Jezebel, and I replied one of the main places I love to look is university newspapers. Many fine young feminists, both female and male, are addressing contemporary issues in feminism in editorials. It was… »4/20/13 12:43am4/20/13 12:43am