Vietnam May Get Domestic Partnerships, Still Repressive Elsewise

LGBT rights are coming to Vietnam much more quickly than other parts of Southeast Asia. The Communist Party of Vietnam has not interfered with gay rights activists nor prohibited pride parades (pictured above). The National Assembly is even finishing up debate on same-sex marriage or civil unions. However, critics warn … » 4/20/14 10:10pm Sunday 10:10pm

S. Korean Surgeon 'Going to Hell' for Sex Reassignment Surgeries

Dr. Kim Seok-Kwun is known as the "father of South Korean transgender people," and he is the leading surgeon performing sex reassignment surgeries in South Korea. Despite his own strong Christian beliefs, he says he has come to the decision that performing SRS for his patients is the right thing to do, even if it earns… » 4/19/14 6:02pm Saturday 6:02pm

Turkey Now Wants to Build All Gay Prisons For 'Protection'

The current administration heading Turkey has announced plans to house gay prisoners in yet to be built all gay prisons. Gay rights groups in the country have expressed concerns about further marginalising LGBT+ persons in a society generally hostile to homosexuality, and where gay prisoners are usually housed in… » 4/19/14 11:05am Saturday 11:05am

Think You Know What 'Queer' Looks Like? Think Again.

What do queer people look like? What does it mean to be LGBT+ when it comes to outward sexual orientation markers and gender presentation? The Identity Project seeks to answer this question through a collection of portraits of people who identify across the LGBT+ spectrum. The results are spectacular and thought… » 4/17/14 9:00pm 4/17/14 9:00pm

Gender Transition as Social Experiment?

Alexa Huang, Professor of English at George Washington University, writes about her experiences of the intersection of gender identity and race by looking at how her transition as a trans woman of color, specifically as an Asian trans woman, has altered the way privilege is applied, not applied, restricted, or revoked… » 4/16/14 7:31pm 4/16/14 7:31pm

This Commercial for Tokyo Rainbow Week is Heartwarming

"Come as you are," reads the commercial for the biggest Pride event in Japan (in Japanese, of course). The parade is happening on April 27th in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park. As the event has gained in prominence and size over the years, it has expanded to include a number of events across an entire week (or more). This year,… » 4/14/14 7:30pm 4/14/14 7:30pm

Will The Anglican Communion Tear Itself Apart Over LGBT Issues?

I grew up Roman Catholic. Yet, two years ago, I left communion with Rome after Pope Benedict XVI called same-sex marriage the most significant threat to Western civilisation in the world today. I turned to the Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion, as my new spiritual home. But I fear that home will fall,… » 4/13/14 11:23pm 4/13/14 11:23pm